The use of probiotics in shrimp aquaculture.

Shrimp aquaculture, as well as other industries, constantly requires new techniques in order to increase production yield. Modern technologies and other sciences such as biotechnology and microbiology are important tools that could lead to a higher quality and greater quantity of products. Feeding and new practices in farming usually play an important role in aquaculture, and the addition of various additives to a balanced feed formula to achieve better growth is a common practice of many fish and shrimp feed manufacturers and farmers. Probiotics, as 'bio-friendly agents' such as lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus spp., can be introduced into the culture environment to control and compete with pathogenic bacteria as well as to promote the growth of the cultured organisms. In addition, probiotics are nonpathogenic and nontoxic microorganisms without undesirable side-effects when administered to aquatic organisms. These strains of bacteria have many other positive effects, which are described in this article 

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