Vinnbio : Our Innovative Products

Biological Products for Shrimp Farmers
Vinnbio products are manufactured in the Unites States of America under strict quality control standards and sold as dry powders with more than two years of shelf life. Our products are quick to activate in pond water and ready to use in less than an hour due to their superior quality.
About Products of Vinnbio :
Our Innovative Biological Products for Shrimp Farmers :
1. Bioclean - Eco Balancer Control Ammonia  (bioclean, sludge removal, organic load, Shrimp black gill,Shrimp brown gill)
2. AquaPro - Bio Secure (aquapro, biosecurity, vannamei culture, shrimp biological products, shrimp immunity)
3. Ecobio - Sludge Digester (heppro, shrimp disease control, vibrio control, white feacal control, whitespot virus)
4. Pondpro - Bioflocculation (pondpro, bioflocculation, liner ponds, algae control)
5. Heppro - Life of Shrimp (heppro, shrimp disease control, vibrio control, white feacal control, whitespot virus)

How We Work :
The mission of Vinnbio Limited is to have day to day interaction with the farmers on the field; giving technical advice and solving the problems in relation to water quality and shrimp health.

It has set its sights on mastering the skills to meet the urgent needs of the end-consumer.
We help in providing the farmers not just customized products but customized solutions, developing and evaluating products and processes for improving their satisfaction.

For more details kindly visit our website at : www.vinnbio.com or please mail us your enquiry at : mktg@vinnbio.com and contact us at +91 44 22781526.


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