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Biofloc technology

One of the inherent elements of characteristic aquatic ecosystems environments is the practically entire reusing of feed materials through the natural biological food web. Fish discharges are metabolized by microorganisms, reaped thus by planktonic creatures (potentially reused inside, e.g. algea control harvested gathered by zooplankton) and in the long run back to the fish. This element is still fundamental in broad culture lakes, however its part decreases as stocking thickness ( pond escalation ) is expanded. Organic loads The organic load in the more escalated pond is high, and an expansive portion of the organic matter settles onto the oxygen-restricted pond base, making anaerobic conditions, backing off the bio-reusing grouping and notwithstanding prompting to the generation of lethal mixes. What's more, the high feed load, stratification, and restricted oxygen supply will prompt to the restraint of nitrogenous waste digestion system, including the