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Chemical and physical factors that affect the biological growth of shrimp

In order  L. Vannamei   can grow optimally, it needs a place to live that can provide state physics, chemistry, and biology is optimal. Physical environmental conditions are including temperature and salinity. While the chemical conditions is including pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrate, orthophosphoric, and the presence of plankton as natural feed. Should be noted that environmental conditions can inhibit the growth of shrimp, shrimp can be deadly, such as the emergence of toxic gases and pathogenic microorganisms. Temperature is one factor controlling the speed of biochemical reactions.   This is because the temperature can determine the metabolic rate of shrimp and other aquatic organisms.   Low temperatures will result in a lower metabolic system in contrast to the high temperatures will spur a more rapid metabolism.   In order for the cultivation of L.   Vannamei to work well, pond waters temperature range suggested is between 28 - 32o C. Water transparency v