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In light of the devastating disease problems currently plaguing the global  shrimp farming  industry, water exchange has apparently become a risky management option for maintaining acceptable water quality. The biosecure shrimp farming system is an evolving culture practice which provides means to achieve a higher degree of biosecurity. Biosecurity in aquaculture is the sum of all procedures in place to protect living organisms from contracting, carrying, and spreading diseases and other non-desirable health conditions, with biotherapeutic agents like probiotics. The Central Institute of Brackish water Aquaculture (CIBA) has developed a Bio secure Shrimp Farming Technology (BSFT) based on three years of study, which includes several yard experiments and two pond trials, involving investigations on utilization of bio therapeutic agents, water and sediment quality parameters in relation to modifications in culture practices. It differs from conventional farming with regard to pr

The Need For Biosecurity in Aquaculture

Disease challenge by viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxic algae presents a major threat to profitable aquaculture production. Biosecurity, in other words reducing the number of infectious organisms in the aquaculture environment, is the most effective form of protection. Biosecurity is a set of management practices, which reduce the potential for the introduction, and spread of disease-causing organisms onto and between sites. Bio-security procedures, particularly disinfection and sanitation, should be combined with selection of pathogen-free seed and strategic treatments to either eradicate or reduce these pathogens to non-infectious levels. The Neospark Biosecurity Programme has been developed over many years with leading aquaculture producers around the nation. Neospark products and procedures have proven effective in practical farm conditions against a broad spectrum of pathogens. These include persistent and difficult to destroy immunosuppressive viruses causing WSSV,