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Importance Components of BioSecurity

Biosecurity involves following strict management protocols to prevent specific pathogens from entering a system or reducing the numbers. A good understanding of pathogen reservoirs is important. Quarantine, sanitation and disinfection are all important components of biosecurity . Quarantine , defined as the isolation of an organism or group of organisms to prevent the introduction or spread of infectious disease, is a standard procedure that is extremely important in aquaculture. In practical terms, quarantine is a standard set of procedures that should be observed to prevent the introduction of pathogens or diseases into a population of fish, prawn and shrimp in aquaculture. The quarantine protocols should be strictly adhered and should follow as many of the following protocols as are practical: testing of a sample of shrimp, prawn and fish prior to bringing them onto the facility. all-in, all-out stocking procedures. isolation or separation from other populations for

The importance of biosecurity and disinfection in aquaculture

The world's demands for high quality aquaculture products make control of diseases increasingly important. Good Bio security measures are vital to maintaining healthy animals, to reducing the risk of acquiring diseases in aquaculture facilities and to harvest high quality good yield. Biosecurity Biosecurity can be defined as ‘the measures and methods adopted to secure a disease free environment in all phases of aquaculture practices (i.e. hatcheries, nurseries, growout farms) for improved profitability’. Biosecurity protocols are intended to maintain the "security" of a facility (i.e., prevent entry of, or reduce overall numbers prior to entry) with respect to certain diseasecausing organisms (parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi) that may not be present in a particular system. In short, food producers have consumer safety as their primary target. If the food they produce is not safe, no economic model works. The second and equally important target